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・ Access by car
If you travel along the coast from Kochi Ryoma Airport / Harimaya Bridge, there will be less traffic and will arrive in the above time.

Kochi Ryoma Airport About 40 minutes
Haruno Stadium About 20 minutes
Kochi City (Harimaya side) About 45 minutes
Katsurahama About 20 minutes
Tosa Inter About 20 minutes
From Nagoya About 7 hours 30 minutes
From Osaka About 4 hours 30 minutes
From Okayama About 2 hours 30 minutes

・ Access by train
Transfer from JR Kochi Station by car
From JR Nagoya Station
Nagoya Station (Hikari) → Okayama Station (Special Express South Wind)
→ Kochi Station (car) → Sanyoso About 5 hours 20 minutes

From JR Shin-Osaka
Shin-Osaka Station (Kodama) → Okayama Station (special express south wind)
→ Kochi Station (car) → Sanyoso About 4 hours 30 minutes

From JR Okayama Station
Okayama Station (special express south wind) → Kochi Station (car)
→ Sanyosou About 2 hours 30 minutes

・ We will also accept transfers to and from Kochi Station (by reservation only)
From Kochi Station 10:00 /15:30
Arrival at Sanyo  11:00/  16:30
From Sanyosou 9:00 /14:00
Arrival at Kochi Station 10:00 /15:00
※ It becomes correspondence only for the visitor of the hotel reservation.
※It is a complete reservation system. Please make sure to order before the 4th day of your stay.
※ We can not transfer to other than route.
※ Arrival times may change due to traffic conditions.
For customers who do not meet the transfer time at Sanyoso
※ A route bus is available from Kochi Station Bus Terminal to Usa area (depending on the time zone, but one per hour).
※ As it is not a regular flight, please tell us at the time of reservation.
※ If you have decided the flight time, please contact us by phone.
※ If you come to the terminal Usa branch office, our car will pick you up.
※ We can only pick up flights arriving from 14:30 to 19:30.

・ Access of customers using JR
Tosa City Dragon Bus Usa / Ino Line
Dragon Bus fare adult 300 yen

Dragon (Sanyousou) ★ 8:02  13:36
Ino Station         8: 53    14: 21
Ino Station                  ★ 15:38    18:05
Dragon (Sanyousou)      16: 38       -
Skyline entrance             16: 36   18: 51
Customers from Kochi,
In addition, access of the customer using JR became convenient.
 Go to Ino Station [ ★15:38 ] Dragon (Sanyousou) arrival [ 16:38 ] 
Return Dragon (Sanyosou) departure [ ★8:02 ]Ino Station arrival [ 8:53 ]
※ From Ino Station [ ★15:38 ] will arrive in the second parking lot of Sanyoso (this is a 2-minute walk to the front entrance).
As person using Dragon bus except this time does not stop bus near this villa
Our car will pick you up at the entrance to the Skyline entrance as usual. Please tell us at the time of booking.